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Print, Product & Interiors Studio

Bespoke, Curated Design.


"Painterly, large-scale, bold and confident -

Charlotte's work is as vibrant as her passionate persona."

- London Evening Standard

"Charlotte Beevor reflects the trend in homeware designed to raise the spirits"

- The Times

"Talent and hard work have made Charlotte Beevor a design star"

- The Yorkshire Post


My Projects

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A limited edition collection of hand thrown porcelain vases in collaboration with Jo Davies


Hand painted furniture in collaboration with Roome London

"Charlotte is a master at bold textiles. This painter-come-designer blends both passions and we totally approve. We just had to have her on board."


 "I love this strong painterly design by Charlotte Beevor at Hillarys."

- Sophie Robinson

"A breath of fresh air from"

- Dear Designer

"Charlotte demonstrates raw talent – her prolific portfolio is full of exuberant joy and unusual colour combinations."

- Judges’ citation, Business Design Centre

New Designer of the Year Award Winner 2014

"Charlotte Beevor is renowned for her impressionist aesthetic of unusual colour combinations and pattern."


"Understands the commercial imperatives that underpin successful design."

- Nino Cerruti


An award-winning Designer with a passion for colour and sentimental interiors!

Charlotte is fascinated in the harmonies and relationships between colour and is known for her painterly style, unique use of colour and bespoke, curated design style. She has captured the attention of, and launched a variety of high profile collaborations with brands including Surface View,,, and Hillary's Blinds.


After freelancing for international brands including Lululemon, American Greetings and Marks and Spencer, working for studios in Italy and Vancouver and exhibiting at Premier Vision in Paris, Charlotte continues to work with companies around the world in different areas of the industry.


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