Hillary's Collection - Behind the scenes of the photoshoot!

If you are reading this you will probably be aware that I launched an interiors collaboration with Hillary's Blinds a while ago?! If you are aware of this you may also have seen some of the beautiful promotional shots from the photoshoot like this one...

Here is a little snippet of what went on behind the scenes:

We filmed and shot at two different locations in London - both the most beautiful houses i've ever seen!

Whilst the main part of the week was getting all of the shots done for the marketing of the collection, I also had to do some filming and have a photoshoot of my own which was a bit daunting!

We filmed around doing the photoshoot as well as some bits in my studio previous to the shoot.

This filming was necessary so that Hillary's could release little teaser videos in the lead up to the launch & I could tell everyone all about the inspiration behind the collection!

The crew were sooo lovely and it was very exciting seeing all of the collection and promo material come to life! I also learnt a lot about how a big shoot like this is run, and it inspired me for my own collections in the future!

The first house we shot at was the bigger of the two. It was owned by an incredible art director and architect (I think) and is often used for shoots - not surprising as it is so beautiful! These rubbish pictures definitely do not do it justice!

There was so much hanging greenery everywhere (which was a stylists dream!) and made the whole place so calming and relaxing.

We shot the full hanging fabric shot in front of a wall of plants, and even though you cant see much of them in the finished photos, it was so nice to style it this way. The main reason is that it made the design process feel like it had done a complete 360 (as I had taken my original inspiration from a visit to Kew Gardens).

You can see how amazing the green wall is in portrait shots like this one!

How beautiful is that chartreuse bathroom in the first house that never got featured unfortunately?!

And the garden.....<3 !

The second house.....!

I got to have a little play on the big and expensive cameras as well as pretend to hang baubles for the christmas shots!

The owner had this metallic bunny which I become obsessed with and tried to find online for ages once I got home...(I later found out it was Paul Smith so i'm glad I didn't drop it!)

This house was a lot cosier than the previous one and had some beautiful accessories! (I'm sad we didn't get to use this chair in the styling - It's one of my favourite colours!)

They also had this dark gorgeous kitchen (again the photo does NOT do it justice) which we thought was a perfect backdrop for a cushion shot! (Yes they did all fall down at one point!)

Other shots like these were done in this house...

The family who owned this house had a cat and he nearly made it into the bedroom shot as he was a tad camera confident and liked to hang around! This shot is one of my favourites as I did the framed artwork and canvases that are on the wall especially for the photoshoot. (I also love the neon lamp!)

So there you go a little insight into some of the logistics of the photoshoot! I loved doing this collection and shoot so much as I learned so much and really enjoyed being part of the whole process!

I hope you were able to find an interesting snippet or just enjoyed being nosey!

Let me know if you enjoy the behindthesceneseystuff?!

Charlotte x