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All vases have been handmade at the Jo Davies Studio. Every piece being porcelain, finely made, using a throwing wheel in collaboration with Charlotte Beevor’s signature painterly surface design style.


Jo and Charlotte’s intention for this project was to create exquisitely simple shapes that provide a ground for contrast between Jo’s surface glazes and Charlotte’s surface design. The glazes have been given extra thickness and fired high so that they ‘flow’ when at their highest temperature in the kiln. At this point they are beginning, although not completely, starting to melt giving them the sense that the glaze could still be liquid.


Charlotte’s vivid orange ceramic-enamel surface designs responded to each individual piece, resulting in every item being a completely unique object. The fluid brushstrokes in the collection are inspired by organic 3D elements in Charlotte’s interior design work.


There is a choice of surface between a satin, white, crackle glaze, or black manganese glaze; both with vivid orange ceramic-enamel on hand-polished porcelain.


Material: Porcelain


Dimensions:  9.5cm x 17cm


Delivery Costs:

UK - £3.95 - Please allow 3 - 5 days for delivery. 

Europe - £12.50 - Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Global - £16.50 - Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.


Delivery costs refer to a single transaction and will be the same no matter how many items are bought in one go.


Collection from Walthamstow studio is Free.

Vase 16

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