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Develop your Signature Style

Explore pattern, color, and texture to design spaces with a personal touch

Working in interiors is very personal; everything from the color palette to the material choices should reflect the personality of the person the space belongs to and bring them joy. Designer Charlotte Beevor runs her own print, product, and design studio where she provides everything from bespoke murals to full-service interior design. She has worked with clients including and MADE.COM, and been featured in publications including Elle Decoration and Ideal Homes.

In this course, Charlotte teaches you how to design spaces with a personal touch. Learn how to use your lifestyle and the world around you as inspiration to create beautiful spaces that reflect your personal style. Embrace the power of color, pattern, and texture to create a home that’s authentically you.

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What will you learn ?

Begin the course by getting to know designer Charlotte Beevor. Find out about the creative journey that led to her starting her own print, product, and interior studio, along with the fellow artists that inspire her work.

Explore the essential things to consider when creating a design scheme. Begin by learning how to create a space that’s a true reflection of you before taking a look at key interior styles and trends, including mid-century modern, and minimalism. Discover how to incorporate patterns into your home with colour and texture in mind. Then create a colour palette from photography that inspires you.

Learn how to source inspiration for your design scheme and create a mood board for your project. Then create a materials board that features all the materials and fabrics involved in your scheme. Charlotte guides you through how to create a sourcing structure for finding products and plan your budget. Bring everything together and create a sketch that showcases your design.

Discover how to create a powerful portfolio that expresses your vision and hear Charlotte’s advice for creating a website to attract clients and commissions. To finish the course, see her tips for setting up a professional Instagram account for your work.

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What people say

"Charlotte is an extremely creative designer and her course was very inspiring to me! I like her play with colors, patterns, textures, and materials. The tips and tricks are very helpful!! I look forward to seeing the new course she will create! Thank you!"

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