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The Elements Edit: Fire

5 Pieces that remind me of this powerful element...

These neon pieces explore possibilities for sculptural lighting and pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with conventional neon making in terms of size and colours and are opening up new aesthetic qualities. Each is one of its kind or part of a very small edition. Conventional neons use thin diameter tubing and are usually flat mounted onto a backboard. I am using much bigger and thicker borosilicate glass tubing, which allows me to make strong and self supporting 3d shapes. With the increase in width the light also takes on more physical qualities; the light emanates as a volume, rather than as the lines and contours of a traditional neon.

The forms play with the light emitted by the different rare gases, the undulating tube subtly manipulates the light, softening and intensifying it in turns. There are no coatings or filaments, just pure light radiating from within the tube. When switched off, only the clear or coloured glass form remains. In the blue piece, for example, the light is filled with argon and mercury. Helium produces a white to pinkish light and Neon gas a red glow.

Organic shapes meet a bold monochrome colourway in the Kikori Wood Side Table. Crafted by hand, the table displays the natural shape of the tree it was made from, meaning each piece is wholly unique. Place yours by the sofa to keep your tea close at hand on cosy evenings, and accessorise it with molten copper pieces for a glamorous room refresh.

From the very first minute, the rotating flame vortex radiates a pleasant temperature from all angles, which goes far beyond the warmth you can achieve with conventional candles or tea light stoves. Due to the additional positive effect of SPIN on the air humidity, just a few degrees of warming are enough to reach the comfort zone. The SPIN 120 radiates up to 2500 W and lets you prolong your evenings in the fresh air or spend cosy moments in your home.

Oversized wool throw made with our high quality wool and timeless design. For comfort that lasts. Size:135×210 cm. When renovating the lobby and guest rooms of El Rey Court in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Jay Carroll came across Nordic Knots. The rugs’ minimal patterns and colours felt perfectly at home with El Rey’s updated modern design set to the adobe architecture of the buildings. The rugs really tied the rooms together. To further that perfect pairing, the two brands partnered up on a collaboration using one of the guest room murals as the graphic pattern for a beautiful Nordic Knots handwoven Wool Throw.

Our Burnished Copper Side Table with a marble top is the perfect combination of subtle sophistication with a designer feel suitable for both classic and contemporary living spaces. Its white marble top is teamed with a contrasting burnished copper effect base, which never goes out of style and would look stunning set on top of reclaimed wooden floorboards. This copper side table is the ideal addition to your living room and will give a unique feel to your home.

Hope you have enjoyed!



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