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The Elements Edit: Water

5 Pieces that remind me of my favourite element!

1. Glas Italia Table

High and low oval-shaped tables in tempered extralight glass, with faded and irregular decoration which takes on the color and veins of marble. The surprising image changing effect makes the veining look dynamic and variable depending on the viewpoint.

2. Handpainted 3 piece sofa by Naomi S. Clark

Inspired by Yves Klein, this hand painted three piece sofa by Naomi S. Clark features abstract brushstrokes to evoke the choppy Mediterranean sea. As seen in Fort Makers' 2019 exhibition: The Blue Room.

3. Nina Brooke Print 'Surfers Peak'

Seascape artist Nina created these high quality prints that are scanned from her original paintings. Printed onto 315gsm Fine Art Paper, sized to fit a standard A2 off-the-shelf frame.

4. Vitra Wiggle Stool

The stool Wiggle by Vitra is a typical design object of the architect Frank O. Gehry. Like the wavy Wiggle Side Chair, the eponymous stool is made of light and yet sturdy corrugated cardboard. Thus, the stool is not only a flexible seating that can be is easily adjusted, but also a special design object with natural charm.

5. Wiggle Jug

Harlie's best selling OG wiggle mug in large wiggle jug form.

Hope you enjoyed!



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